For eighty years, the Township Auditorium has been our “community auditorium.” Scores of young people have debuted in its concert hall, hundreds have tapped danced their way across the stage at dance recitals, thousands have “walked”  for graduation from high school and college, countless thousands more have rallied for political and social causes, and hundreds of thousands have filled its seats for everything from rock and roll shows and the symphony to roller derby and wrestling.  For eighty brilliant years, the Township Auditorium has been the centerpiece of bringing our community together, crossing cultural, religious, and socio-economic lines to capture the imagination of our citizens.

But without its patrons, the Township Auditorium would be nothing but a building.  For it is the laughter, the tears, the cries and the applause of the hundreds of thousands who have passed through its doors, filled its balconies and dreamed their dreams that have created the lasting icon which has made such an indelible imprint on our community.