Get Involved

Today, The Township Auditorium needs one thing—YOU.

In order to march into its next phase of history it needs a thoughtful, well planned and well charted future. The time to chart that new course and realize the future is now. As the Township closes its doors temporarily on a brilliant eighty years, it will reopen in ten months fully regaled and born anew for the next millennium.

For some, this will be an opportunity to share a lifetime of entertainment with future generations. For others, it will be an opportunity to pay forward a history of vivid and fond reminiscences to our children and their children beyond. And still for others, it will be an opportunity to create and maintain a "greatness" within our community because these people understand that greatness is often only seen from the perspective of the future and not necessarily seen at the outset of the present.

How can you become involved? There are so many ways!

  • Become a Foundation Volunteer
  • Make a Donation
  • Contact us regarding your Township memorabilia

We ask that you join us as we seek to create a rich and significant history equal to that which our city forefathers created the day they laid the cornerstone of the Columbia Township Auditorium.